Now You See, Now You Don’t

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Floating Island by Alex Rommel

The castaway had been waiting for rescue for several days after his small boat was hit by an unexpected storm that threw him onto a mysterious turtle-shaped island, of which there was no reference on navigation maps. After eating the last ration of food that remained, decided to venture out to look around in search of something for feed. Then, he hastened to take his harpoon and a hood to protect him from the intense rays of the sun and the wind that was still blowing strongly over the island.

He was wandering from here to there for a while without coming across the slightest form of life. Had not seen even a single insect that gave him at least a signal that he wasn’t alone in that isolated place.

Not far away, in the center of the island, there was a singular-looking mountain. Its shape was too perfect to be natural. So, our friend approached there to see if he could find something to eat. As it came near, the vegetation became more dense and humid, until reached a clearing from where the peculiar mountain rose, which in addition to shining, produced an intermittent hum as if it were a heartbeat.

Impressed, the castaway approached cautiously. Upon reaching the base of the mountain, he was amazed to find a large number of precious stones that were everywhere, as well as metallic objects that seemed to be made of pure gold. Forgetting about hunger, he began to collect stones and crystals to take back to his ship, when suddenly he came across a skeleton of what looked like a beast between a dinosaur and a human.

The castaway fled in terror with his loot of crystals. He wanted to get away as quickly as possible, but when he reached the seashore, he was surprised to see his small boat moving away from the island, pushed by the wind and waves. Suddenly, a sharp claw landed on his shoulders, digging its nails into his skin and lifting him off the ground. The terrified castaway threw the crystals and tried to get away, but his struggle didn’t get very far. The prehistoric bird dropped him above the mountain which opened in two revealing a huge pyramid hidden inside that came from another planet, and simultaneously a lightning bolt emerged from it absorbing the castaway as if he were a straw. Within seconds, the pyramid lifted off from the ground and rose into the sky, disappearing almost instantly. In the same way, the island began to submerge, and soon there was not the slightest indication that had ever existed.

Days later, the Coast Guard recovered a small boat that was adrift in the ocean.