It Was

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Greg Norman Ham - September 27, 1953 - April 19, 2012

In far and Down Under land dwelled in Nor and his friends. They were great artists. Their lyrics and music brought joy and inspiration to many around the world. They were loved and acclaimed, whatsoever, similar to our times, every celebrity had its haters.

Thus, one day, bad, greedy and envious men manipulated evidence and arguments like it was a puppet. They put the law against the boys in the band, managing to snatch from them not only part of the profits from their songs but also, the most priceless, the credibility and honesty of the musicians before an audience who adored them and still do nowadays.

And it was what happened that cloudy day, when the dry noise of the judge’s hammer silenced the audience, cutting the breath of all those in that room.

For Nor, it was as if a bomb exploded in his face, pushing him into a maze pit from which he couldn’t escape.

The Smiling Star

Five stars playing together
making music for the world
bringing rhythm and rejoicing
everyone who hears their songs.

Upon a time an envious black hole
who wanted to shine as they do
Managed to attract to its gravity
the more smiling star the group.

But the black hole had forgotten
the rule that physical law says
when a black hole devours a small thing
inside the dark grows and shiniest is.

Whatever place the smiling star be
although we now don’t perceive it
for sure is joying and still sparkling
as in our memories, Greg Ham did.


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