The Warrior’s Fear

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The harder time for ancient warriors
was the moment to put on armour.
Can I skip it? Can I hide from it?
Why do I now have to do all this?
What will become of my family?
And if I can’t hug to my kid?

All those fears rise inside the heart
painfully hamming the soldier’s brain,
becoming the first fight to conquer
before facing the great battle.

Realizing that he can’t escape,
accept the fighter his circumstances
with resignation, he looks at his shield
and say, “My friend, we’ll work again.”

Carefully begins to put on his armour
is then when the great miracle happens.
While he’s donning the metal shell,
worries and fears say farewell,
replaced by courage, firmness and valour.

Already being on the battlefield,
the fighter feels his heart beating fast.
When the war cry sounds in the air,
and both sides meet on the mid-field,
is not time to think about nothing
instead, the instinct commanding.

The next time the fighter opens his eyes,
the nightmare has been left behind.
With some wounds and a little pain
his body recovers step by step
but already his soul is happy again.

Is the time to relax in his nest,
there is a hanging sign held on site
a text that gently gives advice:
“Keep Calm, Here Is Where The Warrior Rest.”