Queen Bee

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We are invaded daily by tons of information that absorbs and distracts us, making procrastination an increasingly common habit.

To overcome this, nature offers us small allies from which we can learn if we want to improve our productivity. These allies are the bees.

These small flying insects, creators of the precious honey, are divided into three types: workers, drones, and queens. Here we will do a zoom-in to see this queen up close and scrutinize her lifestyle a little.

We start by seeing that all female bees are potential queens. What makes some become one is the nutrition they receive. Only a select few are nourished with royal jelly, which increases the development of their reproductive system, achieving greater size and reproductive capacity than the rest of the bees. This is the main organ of the queen since she is the mother of the entire hive.

Once she develops, the first one out of the cocoon must do certain dirty jobs to preserve the hierarchical order, which means eliminating her competition. Who has seen a kingdom with several queens?

Now that she is the only queen, even the hive does not recognize her. Among them, they call her ‘virgin queen’, something like a princess. So to take command she must make the only flight of her life: the mating flight. This way she will obtain the ‘raw material’ from various suppliers, which she will accumulate in her little body and will manage throughout life, which lasts between approximately 3 and 5 years. This raw material is used to reproduce the eggs, laying more than fifteen hundred eggs daily.

Such high production keeps all the workers busy and focused, who are in charge of providing food and care to the queen and the rest of the hive. When this production exceeds the physical space, the queen plans her withdrawal to create another hive in another location and expresses this to her team through pheromones. The same thing happens when the queen approaches the end of her life cycle. The rest of the hive perceives it thanks to the pheromones emanating from the queen, and begins the process of raising possible substitutes, thus ensuring the continuity of the hive.

What can we learn from the queen bee?

In our professional and business lives, it encourages us to be more productive, using tools such as planning, focus, resource management, and leadership skills. There is the so-called “Queen Bee Syndrome”, which refers to dominant women in high positions, who involve their work team, mostly men, and seek to remove from the game any woman who tries to stand out, whether because of appearance, smart ideas, charisma, or professionalism.

On the other hand, the queen bee invites us to accumulate spiritual teachings from various sources. Choose the ones that inspire us the most and that best fit our way of life. Nurture ourselves with them, as well as use them in daily life for our personal and spiritual growth.