The Sad Star

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Each day the star
comes to the bar
for forgetting its inner shame
cause although all its effort make
it can’t release its own glame.

Bartender gives once and again
one shot of dusting stars cocktail
the star sparkles for a while
but soon the effect of the drink fails
What can I do? Why it never stays?
It always goes and no remains
the sad star of opaque face
with sorrow claims to the universe.

Bartender started storing stuff
because the bar was almost closed
only one client still remained
it was the star, and didn’t care.

I can’t compete with the brightness of Sun!
and also happens with the Moon!
Other stars shine very well
so why I can’t do it? The star yelled

I think you’re wrong, bartender said,
Stopping the thoughts, your mind be cleared.
Outside the sky is sparkling now
there is not sun, there is not moon
there are just stars as same as you
but each one has its own manner
of sharing the light without compare.
The sun is big, the moon is near
but you, my friend, you’re small and far
there is no way to simile them
so stop to think about compare.

The sad star came out outside
the sky was full of sparkling lights
what can I do? I don’t have glow
I better stay around below
and found a place to stay the night
which was the top of higher pine
the perfect place for the bedtime
of the sad star with nothing shine.

The star had a rare dream
it dreamed an old man talked to it:
“My little star, you found your place,
you will be the most loved and care,
of all the stars above the earth,
you will be from now ahead,
the star of every Christmas pine.
May this symbol now appear
the longest night of every year
to bring the hope on darkness days
to everyone in winter drear.
May all beings blessed fully
by the spirit of Yule”.