The Call

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Sitting on the edge of his bed, Luc stared into the candle flame in front of him. He was looking at it carefully as if searching for answers, like looking to find something lost.

Every night he repeated the same ritual. He would light a candle and stare at it until sleep overcame him. The candle, his cane, and a small sack were his belongings. A spider spinning its web in one corner of the room was his only company.

Known as the lumber magnate, Luc was the wealthy owner of the largest sawmill in his country. He did not trust banks, so it was rumored that his fortune was stored in numerous chests stacked in his basement, and also in a huge safe. Luc was an amateur photographer.

One afternoon, while in his office, he received a phone call. Hanging up the phone, Luc left his office and walked to the outskirts of the sawmill, stood in front of the felled forest that was ahead, watched it for a few minutes, and walked towards it. No one saw Luc anymore.

Soon after, Luc was declared missing. When the authorities entered his house, found no chest, just a small safe. Inside it had two objects: an old camera that belonged to his mother and an old beer recipe from his father.