Past Is Past

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Rose was investigating the case of a missing young woman. It happened in the middle of the last century but rarely the case was closed due to lack of clues.

She had just arrived in town, searching for a quiet place where she could finish her investigation. They did not have a hotel in the village because it was a small place and not very crowded. However, to the few travellers who passed through there, they were offered a house that was on the outskirts, where people could spend the night, whoever caught the night in those parts.

It was 4 in the morning when Rose woke up suddenly to hear a loud noise. She thought the noise was coming from the basement, so she fearfully went downstairs, and when it turned on the light, she saw nothing strange. So she went back to her bed.

After a while, another even louder noise startles her. This time, she grabbed her binoculars and went out into the garden to find out the source of that noise. Being outside, she saw that a parachute had just dropped in front of the house, and as she got closer she realized there was a package with the image of a shield. Rose carried the package and brought it to the house. To her surprise, it was her name written on the package label.

“How strange is all this!” She thought to herself.

Rose uncovered the package, and from inside she took out several cans of beans with an expiration date of 1945.

“This is even stranger!”

Stunned by what happened, her heart began to race when she perceived a putrid smell that suddenly arose behind her.

“It has arrived what I was waiting for!” It said a dark voice.

Rose turned around and was petrified. In front of her, it was who, in her day, was a beautiful young woman, a beauty queen, missing for more than ninety years, now covered in layers and layers of grime. The horrible being slowly walked over to Rose, picked up a can with one of her misshapen hands, and ripped it open with her fingernails, swallowing the contents in one fell swoop.

The being then extended her other “claw” to Rose’s neck and, with hungry eyes and a hideous smile, said,

“Now I want my protein!”…