Things Happen

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The first rays of the sun settled on the golden domes of the towers that guarded the maximum security prison, making them look like giant guardians, the only witnesses of what happened the night before.

The building that formed the prison was built on the land of an old Cossack cemetery. Although it functioned as a prison, it was actually a huge laboratory where experiments with genetic manipulation were carried out, using the condemned as guinea pigs.
The ‘failed’ experiments were kept in large tanks placed in a dark and small basement under the building, whose existence was known to a few scientists. Only a key and a removable ladder gave access to those tanks.

That night, one of the scientists reviewed the results of his most recent test while placidly enjoying his tobacco, when he heard a loud noise coming from the basement. Startled, he took the key and the ladder and, without leaving his cigar, hurried downstairs to check that everything was in order, forgetting to take a flashlight. On the ladder a few steps to get, another noise made him stagger, falling onto a trunk that opened revealing the radioactive material used in some experiments, which was ultrasensitive to heat, smoke and any spark, even tobacco ash…

An instant later, a small radioactive mushroom silenced all life within that building.

At dawn, the golden domes reflected the sunlight on the dusty ruins, among which some ancient Cossacks wandered clumsily.