The Gift

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Amid the night, Ian was driving home. He was disturbed by the discussion he had had moments before with his younger brother.

“Why didn’t he wait a few hours to give me the gift?” “And what was his interest in opening it?” “He even provided me with scissors to cut the tape!” “He knows perfectly well that I don’t like to celebrate anything ahead of time, especially birthdays!” “Furthermore, he knows that I am superstitious!”

Ian stopped the car on a faraway road and got out to smoke. He was in the middle of nowhere. The fog covered all around. Already about to enter the car, he hears a whistle and stops. A light in the distance magnetizes him, drawing him to it like a magnet to a nail. Without realizing it, in an instant, he found himself inside a cave whose damp walls were full of blood-red paintings showing animals and prehistoric men. Ian could see them thanks to a mysterious light emerging from a chest.

Suddenly, Ian got paralyzed. Behind the chest and camouflaged in the shadows was a robust man, semi-naked and with a shovel. The man pounced on Ian, who fled in terror without direction, guided only by his instinct. Panting, he reached the car and quickly tried to start it, but without success. Looked at the gas gauge, and his face drew the grimace of the doomed…

A thud

The silence of the night gave way to the sound of something when is being dragged, and a grim whistle was losing out in the distance.