Extra Time

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The great rainbow ensured a clear afternoon after a rainy morning, so Bob put on his sneakers and went for a jog to stretch his muscles a bit and rest his mind.
Inspired by the freshness of the environment, he decided to take a different route than usual, entering a grove that surrounded a lagoon about which he had heard numerous strange stories.

After jogging for a while, he finally reached the famous lagoon. He was exhausted, so he took some of his energizing cocktail and decided to rest by sitting on one of the stones on the shore. Bob had never been to that place, and he wanted to enjoy it. He settled down and closed his eyes to better take in the sounds and energy around him.

Bob, absorbed in his experience, came to when he noticed numbness and tingling in his arms and legs. But when he opened his eyes, he didn’t see anything around. A dense fog surrounded him, preventing him from seeing beyond his hands.

“What the hell! Where did this mist come from?”

Bob began to walk with his hands outstretched to feel out any obstacle that might come his way since he didn’t know the area and felt disoriented. He was scared and regretful that he had changed his usual route.

Walking without knowing where, there was a fleeting glow of light, like a flash, that illuminated the environment for an instant, allowing him to see that a few steps away the path divided into two-way. There was a post with two arrows and two images. The arrow on the left had the image of a beetle. The one on the right had a monkey.

“I don’t like insects”, he thought to himself, “let’s follow the monkey!”

The fog didn’t dissipate, so Bob continued walking slowly, careful not to trip, and already quite nervous since the afternoon was beginning to fall.

After a while, he began to listen to music.

“Finally! Soon I’ll find someone to help me get out of here”, he said to himself.

He sharpened his senses to follow the direction from which the music was coming, which he heard getting closer. He now recognized it. They were church songs, like Gregorian chants.

Suddenly Bob heard a bell and instantly the fog in front of him dissipated, allowing him to see what he had before him. An old and strange construction similar to a church, which was full of monkeys everywhere. Whole families of monkeys came and went from one place to another as absolute owners of the place.

A male voice behind him snapped him out of his stupor as he heard it call his name.

“Welcome Bob, we were waiting for you,” said a man dressed in monk’s clothes.

A chill ran down Bob’s spine at the sound of his name.

-Were you waiting for me? He answered with a broken voice.

“Follow me,” replied the monk in an imperative tone.

Bob followed the strange monk who bring him to the building. Going through numerous passageways that gave off a smell of humidity and confinement, he arrived at a large room which was presided over by the image of a huge baboon sitting on a throne from which emerged a halo of iridescent lights that illuminated the entire room.

Bob, stunned by the scene, was transfixed when the enormous baboon addressed him, saying:

“You arrived prematurely. Show me your heart.”

Bob didn’t understand anything.

The monk, who was at Bob’s side, gathered the sleeve of his habit and, with a quick movement, inserted his hand into Bob’s chest and extracted his heart, showing it to the baboon.

Bob was shocked!

The baboon looked at the heart for a few moments and then said:
“I see you have a big heart, and it won’t get you very far. Have you stopped doing something you wanted to do?”

Bob didn’t know what to say or if he should say anything.

“Answer, they are asking you something important,” said the monk to Bob.

“I don’t know what to say, but true, I’ve wanted to do things that I’ve left for later, and I’ve never done them,” Bob replied sheepishly.

“Like what, for example?” Asked the baboon

“Travel the world, be a millionaire, write,” Bob answered with a trembling voice.

The baboon extended one of its forelegs toward Bob offering a radiant feather.

You don’t have time to travel the world or be a millionaire. Write!

Bob, even more trembling, reaches for the feather, and as soon as he touches it, he feels a pull and a shock that burns his chest.

“It seems to react!” Bob listens sleepily inside an ambulance

In his stupor, he remembers the monkey and wonders,

“What if I had taken the path to the left?”

A paramedic approaches to put an oxygen mask on him. Bob sees a tattoo on his arm with the image of a beetle, a feather and a phrase that says, “same fate for lefties.”