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Wild World is a painting by Jerry LoFaro

It was a winter morning in the small native town where could hear people shouting excitedly, giving the news of the newborn “It’s a boy! he’s a baby! The baby is a boy!”

The father, who was the Chief of Clan, couldn’t help but smile and laugh with happiness. For a long time, he had been waiting for a boy, who would be the successor when the boy grew up.

The midwife, a little exhausted by the long and complicated birth, arrived where the Chief was and answered him:

“My lord, how will he be called?”

He thought a few minutes and then said:

“Bring Shaman here. She will know the correct name for my son!”

After a while, and wearing the traditional ornaments, full of colors, animal teeth and feathers, Shaman arrived at the Chief’s tend, and bowing said:

“Oh, blessed man! You should feel happy and honoured by divinity. The spirit of ancestors has given you a gift, in return to loyalty and affection that you have dispensed to the community.” And keep saying, “This is what they told me about your son: the child who was born today will bring us great progress. He can build and construct complicated structures. Also, he will love the food. Therefore, he might have a little fat body.”

The Chief listened carefully, and spent a few minutes reflecting, asked:

“Wise woman, hearing the prediction of the master who transmitted you, what will be the recommended name to call him?

“Beaver Teeth,” Shaman responded quickly.

“Oh! Beaver Teeth! I wonder if I need to increase hunting and seeding to keep the pantry full!” said the Chief laughing.

“And you have to start as soon as possible,” replied Shaman with a shy smile, and kept saying, “Congratulations from my heart and blessings fall on the baby and parents” And after that, she bowed and left the tent, leaving behind a thinking father.

This tale describes how the ancient cultures took seriously the deep bond between animals and humans, specifically referring to spiritual insight.

When it says “Spiritual Animal, Animal Guide or Power of Animal,” it means the mystical essence of each one being of the animal kingdom. Metaphysical attributes, qualities, dexterity, cleverness, etc. But also, their weakness, fears, inabilities and so on.

Bees, for example, are the perfect icon of teamwork, as same as ants are of the weightlifter. Cows are a symbol of nourishment, hen of fertility (as are bunnies), dogs are synonymous with loyalty, and cats of mystery. All those features instantly spring to mind when we want to describe a bee, a cow or a cat.

However, the meaning of our animal guides goes beyond the superficial and the obvious. To go deeper and know how we can access their guidance, we must put aside the fixed ideas and concepts and open our minds to receive all the wisdom they want to teach us.