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Lui and his friend had breakfast together before going to the library to research African Tribes, since they were both studying anthropology.

Lui was versed in the divinatory arts thanks to the influence of his grandmother who taught him to read coffee, tea and even see messages in a bowl of oatmeal.

“What do you see on my plate?” The friend asked.
“I see on your plate a 666!” Louis replied.
“Hahaha, you always see everything black, I instead see a 999”, replied the friend, and they both laughed.

Already at the library, Lui ran into a book that had a brooch formed by a bundle of arrows pointing in all directions. When he opened it, a piece of paper slipped out. It was a library card more than a hundred years old. Amazed, Lui showed the book to the library manager, who told him that she had seen that symbol when she was a child and went to the old library headquarters, a place that has been closed for many years and is prohibited getting closer.

Lui couldn’t get the image of the bundle of arrows out of his brain, so he decided to investigate the matter and convinced his friend to sneak to the abandoned site.

It was night. The site was far from the other buildings of the university. It was an abandoned place. They entered and managed to see a stone wall on which they recognized the symbol and compared it to a bundle of arrows drawn by Lui on paper similar to the brooch of the old book. When touching the sign on the wall, it sank into the stone, producing a loud crack. In the face of the astonished eyes of Lui and his friend, a hidden door appeared. It led to a secret passage, and without thinking, they both entered. When the door closed behind them, they were plunged into total darkness.

Instinctively, Lui’s friend took a lighter out of his pocket, but the tiny flame didn’t allow seeing enough to orient themselves. So, Lui lit the sheet where he had the drawing of the symbol to use as a torch. They only saw a couple of skeletons lying on the ground before the flame was extinguished by consuming the little oxygen that was left in the place.